What’s GOE About?

To answer that, an “About Page” was designed. What was created was, in every respect, an About page. Professional and “clever” photos were used with senseless blurbs, how many years the company has been active, types of work done, accolades earned, favorite animal and foods of preference, social network links, etc. Had you seen it before it was deleted, you’d have said, “Great About page–nailed it!”

Here’s the thing, though: GOE isn’t about “About pages.” Rest assured, GOE has created plenty of them and will gladly design yours exactly how you’d like to have yours done. GOE is here to help you make your company exactly what you want it to be.

But that’s not entirely what these rapidly evolving digital intervals are about. What it—and GOE—is about is refining your company to its purest essence and, from that, developing a brand by creative design that will connect with your audience in a unique way. This will not only help you stand out, but allows for the potential to reshape the brand for your entire industry. To set yourself totally apart from the rest.

Don’t take this the wrong way: GOE will still do About pages. True enough, this is one. Most About pages have been, and continue to be ego self-service, bland copy, and stale pixels. When was the last time you actually read to the end of one? Together, let’s develop what uniquely defines your brand in a way that you’ve never imagined.

What are we talking about here? Brand actualization; market alchemy; digital sorcery. Can you completely—or at least slightly—alter & disrupt the normal perception of your product or service by having the right creative force behind your brand? Yes, you absolutely can.

The GOE Process


You have a vision.  Let’s share it with the world.  Thorough one-on-one consultation ensures your message is not only one of a kind, but truly yours.


Extensive research of the existing market and competition determines what’s working and what’s not.


Industry standard exactly to your vision. The work speaks for itself. GOE is constantly developing and refining skills through study, practice & education.


What you need when you need it. Every time.


Experimentation leads to innovation and being effective means testing an array of ideas in real world markets.


Acceptable is not acceptable. Effective quality control ensures precision.


Branding is a continuous and evolving process. As your company grows, so will your design. A personalized approach means services can be added.


GOE doesn’t stop when the work is done, because the work is never done. Maintenance and support ensures you potential to stay in the lead.